Game Developer & Freelance Character/3D - Artist

About me

Hello there! My name is Patrick Schindler. I'm German and worked for 5 years at Crytek as 3d Artist and later Character Artist.
During that time I worked on the following AAA titles:

- Crysis (2005-2006),
- Undisclosed Project (2006-2008)
- Crysis 2 (2008-2011)
- Crysis 3 - Pre-Production (2011)
- Ryse (2011)

Since 2011, I work as an independent game-designer and freelance 3d artist.
Christian Rüsseler and me founded Claybox Interactive in 2011
and shipped our first iOS title "Fin Friends" in September 2012.

Contact information:

twitter: @gamepat
facebook: Facebook page


I'm living in Berlin, Germany